Art Places Paris, france: Our Picks

Paris is the home to art connoisseurs. Paris streets abound with inspiration and the city is filled with both big and small art galleries housing stunning collections by established and new artists. We have listed down some of the lesser known but equally beautiful art galleries in Paris. Swing by them on your next visit to have an aesthetic Parisian art experience.

Musée d’Orsay
This spectacular gallery was transformed from a train station. It mostly represents impressionist and post-impressionist art pieces on the top floor, all set and styled at a unique perspective. The floor below is dedicated to realists and symbolists. You can also admire the view from the Café de l’Horloge while enjoying a cup of hot coffee. If you want to avoid the long-standing queues, consider buying tickets ahead. This will greatly save your time.

Musée du Quai Branly
If you are fan of quirky art then this gallery is a must-visit. Jean Nouvel has showcased a collection of unique non-western tribal art. You will also find magnificent sculptures, fine jewelry, textiles, ritual objects and musical instruments from around the world. The placement and setting is by continent for easy navigation. There is a tiny café on the roof. Buy the tickets ahead of time either online or from the counter in the ticket office to avoid the inconvenience of long queues.

Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris
This gallery mixes the collection of famous artists such as Delaunays and Fautrier with the contemporary art pieces from around the world. Some space is also given to art deco furniture and artists ceramics. Temporary exhibitions by new artists are also organized in this gallery for which you have to book in advance.

Musée Maillol
This gallery mainly features the work of the 20th century sculptor Aristide Maillol whose sculptors are displayed around the paneled rooms of a dazzling rococo mansion. There are other paintings and art works by Matisee, Dadaist objects, naïve art and Russian art. The museum is also known for its temporary art exhibitions which range from contemporary to antiquities. The exceptional displays at these exhibitions have earned this gallery quite a reputation among the art zealots around the world.
Grand Palais
The north wing of this extravagant museum is used for prestigious art exhibitions. The Franklin de Roosevelt wing contains the Palais de la Découverte science museum. The most awe-struck feature of this museum is the glass-roofed Grand Nave with its intricate metal work which provides a dramatic view for all the events from art fairs to fashion parades. We recommend you advance book your ticket.

This is the roundup of the most striking and highly recommended art museums located in Paris. These are ideal for anyone wishing to enjoy the Parisian aesthetics in the truest form.

A few notable past art exhibits

There are few art exhibitions organized in the US and Western Europe that have played a major role in changing the course of the global contemporary art scenario. We have listed down the ten most stunning exhibitions and their major contribution in bringing about the transformation.

This was held from April 27 – June 12, 1966 at The Jewish Museum, New York by Kynaston McShine. This was first ever exhibition in which minimal art was introduced to the American audience. The exhibition consisted of large scale geometric sculptural abstractions by famous artists including Donald Judd, Robert Morris, Carl Andre, Gerald Laing and Sol LeWitt. Mark di Suvero, a renowned artists called this exhibition the “key show of the 1960s”. The key reason why this exhibiton became a critical and media success is that it portrayed the idea of an artist as a designer instead of a craftsman. Furthermore it also introduced the latest visual lexicon to the Western art history.

This was held from March 22 – April 27, 1969 at Kunsthalle Bern by Harald Szeeman. This exhibition is considered quite influential in the history of contemporary art and featured a group of young artists in 1969 who are now established artists of the 20th century. These include Bruce Nauman, Eva Hesse, Joseph Beuys, Lawrence Weiner and Richard Serra. Szeeman wanted to create a constellation-like relationship between the art pieces which will establish a tension between them in defining the exhibition space. The work displayed all used post-minimalist strategies and grew out of conceptual practices such as Land Art Process art and Italian Art Povera.

This exhibition was held from January 26 – March 24, 1996 at CAPC Musée d’Art Contemporain, Bordeaux, France by Nicolas Bourriaud. One of the main significance of this exhibition was that the term “relational aesthetic” was first introduced in the exhibition’s catalogue which describes work as a social interaction between the participants. Since then the concept has become a part of contemporary art discourse. Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster’s “seance room” is yet another highlight of the exhibition in which visitors can draw floor plans of their childhood homes. Other art pieces include a brand new car purchased by the money procured from CAPC by Jason Rhoades as an artwork production cost, dirty dishes left over from meals shared with friends by Rirkrit Tiravaniji which is still considered avant-garde.

Hence these are the three most influential exhibitions that helped contemporary art reached the level it has achieved today. Due to their immense influence in the global art scene these are highly valued and respected by the artists both new and young all over the world.

In the USA: Before the season ends Stop by these NYC Galleries

Okay, the season is winding down, and Manhattan is a place rich in art of all forms from paintings, sculptures to photography and digital printing. You will find many interesting art galleries sprawled all over the city in small nook and corners that will fill you with inspiration with their stunning art collection. Depending on the gallery’s hours and yearly schedule, try to get to them before they shut their doors for the summer.

David Zwirner Gallery
Zwirner is considered one of the most influential players in the global art scene and has represented famous artists such as Lisa Yuskavage, Christpher Williams and Dan Flavin. Zwirner entered the New York art world in 1993 during the SOHO era. Since then he has expanded to many successful art location including Chelsea and London. His contempary art installations attract art enthusiasts from around the world. He is widely famous for his renovated buildings and the aura of grandeur they emanate. Zwirner is also the supporter of young artists and has taken various steps to support and nurture their talent.

Paula Cooper Gallery
If you want to witness the engaging and awe-inspiring exhibits by contemporary powerhouses then you must pay a visit to this gallery. Since its opening in 1968, this gallery has organized successful art shows and exhibits featuring various minimalist art pioneers such as David Flavin, Donald Judd and Carl Andre. Due to her groundbreaking shows and displays that signified the shift towards the conceptual and minimalist art that defined the 1970, Paula was titled as the trailblazer in the New York art scene. Her recent exhibits showcased the works of renowned artists such as Mark di Suvero, Rudolf Stingel and Sopie Calle.

Gagosian Gallery
Larry Gagosian is no doubt considered one of the most prominent art dealers of our time. He opened his first art space in 1985 and with the help of his co-owner Leo Castelli, transformed the SOHO art scene. Gagosian has represented many influential post-war and contemporary artists including Yayoi Kusama and Jeff Koons. Gagosian has expanded his space both nationally and internationally, having five galleries in New York and nine international spaces. For his unique and immaculate collection and a keen eye for artistic talent, Gagosian is famously known as the mega dealer of the global contemporary art market. click here

Gladstone Gallery
This Gallery is owned by none other than the renowned veteran artist Barbara Gladstone. Barbara has helped establish the SOHO art scene in its initial years and has now moved to Chelsea where she occupies two spaces for her exhibits. She was also the pioneer of the famous contemporary artists Sarah Lucas and Shirin Neshat and supported avant-garde film-maker Matthew Barney. Her exhibits draw crowds in large numbers because of her ability to track trends at an early stage which has earned her many positive reviews by the art enthusiasts.

Art Galleries Western Europe: Our Picks


Goteborg has become the centre of the contemporary art scene of Sweden since the foundation of Goteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art (GIBCA) in 2001 which became the largest event of its kind. This event showcased Goteborg as the hive of creativity and culture to which well-established artists from all around the world were attracted. Here is the roundup of the 10 best Contemporary Art galleries of Goteborg featuring a wide range of art from sculpture to graffiti.

Göteborgs Konsthall
Göteborgs Konsthall was built in 1923 for the Goteborg Exhibition, a world fair marking the city’s 300th anniversary. It is located at the centre of Goteborg right next to Goteborg Art Musuem. Many influential artists including Chintra Ganeshaand Idris Khan, from New York and Britain respectively have held successful art exhibitions here. This place also provides opportunity for young, emerging fine arts and photography students to showcase their work. Göteborgs Konsthall is a great venue for exploring and discovering the contemporary art scene of the Western Europe.

Galleri Thomassen
This gallery was started in 1990 and since then it has been quite famous for displaying the best of the contemporary art from Sweden, Berlin and Scandanavia. Tommy Hilding, Roger Metto and Dan Perin are among the many influential artists who have showcased their art at this gallery. Moreover this gallery also help and encourage aspiring artists by providing them a platform for exchange and a dedicated area for their exhibitions such as Lilla Galleriet.

Galleri 54
Galleri54 is an artist-run gallery which was founded in 1954 to campaign against the then conservative approach to art. Thus the gallery motto is to follow an open philosophy and provide excellent opportunity to young artists to show case their work without the usual constraints and commercial pressure. The gallery put a great focus on the promotion of innovative art form such as the 2014 The Seeds of Smoke exhibition in which artist Sven Drobnitza presented a new dimension and perspective to ordinary, day-to-day objects. An intresting feature of this gallery is the special outdoor exhibition known as Peepshow, which a mini window gallery displaying various exhibitions all around the year.

Hasselblad Centre
Hasselblad Centre is heaven for all photography enthusiasts. It is located in the Goteborg Museum of Art. The exhibits at this centre include the works by winners of the Annual Hasselblad Foundation’s awards for established photographers including Lennart Nilsson, William Eggleston and Paul Graham. The Hasselblad Centre also organizes an annual exhibition for young artists which is called New Nordic Photography which is a platform for the aspiring artist to showcase their work and enter the Young Photographer of the Year award.

Urban Artroom
This was founded recently in 2011 by Victor Bhyr, a prominent street artist. Urban art room is considered world’s top galleries for urban art and provides a platform for street artists from around the world. The innovative approach taken by this gallery extends to their website where artists are given exposure and a chance to sell their work online.

Art Galleries in NYC : Our picks

New York is a diverse city, rich in varying cultures and traditions accumulated from all around the globe. The city has art both old and modern. Here we have highlighted the six best contemporary art galleries of New York based on their collections, exposure provided to aspiring artists, their contribution to the art community and their various offerings.

Contemporary African Art Gallery
This special gallery has been representing the African contemporary art in New York over the last 20 years. Approximately 30 artists are represented here at all times. Art enthusiasts from around the world visit this gallery because it showcases the authentic contemporary African culture in the heart of New York, a city of diverse cultures.
Luhring Augustine Gallery
This gallery is an excellent place for diverse young artists because the main theme of the gallery is the representation of international group of contemporary artists whose fields vary from sculpture to photography to painting etc. This gallery is also known to be specialized in the resale of high profile paintings from renowned artists such as Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol and Jackson Pollock under great confidentiality and ethical practice. This gallery ranks second in Manhattan for maintaining large scale and long term projects.
• Museum of Modern Art
This is amongst the city’s most high-profile places. While actually not a museum, this place is great for those who wish to browse through the showcase of art. The museum offers audio tours, special exhibits halls, a breathtaking sculpture garden and special assistance for the visually impaired people. It is a complete family place where you can also come in large group to explore the best contemporary art showcased in the best of places.
SOHO Gallery for Digital Art
If you want to see the display of the best contemporary digital art then this is the place to go. Located on the Sullivan Street, SOHO gallery is the hub for digital art collection. Apart from art displays, this gallery is also a community space where various comedy shows, music shows, film screenings, gaming, fashion shows and book reading sessions are organized all around the year. Thus SOHO gallery is the ideal place in New York if you are seeking surreal contemporary digital art along with a little bit of entertainment. Not to mention that it also is the stepping stone to greatness for all the great artists, shows and displays.

It is advised that you look up their website before your visit so you may know in advance as what to expect from the visit and hence make necessary arrangements.

Quick Reminder: Interesting Art Events – USA

The main theme of the art exhibits that are organized at the Brooklyn Museum Halls, this time of the year, revolves around the eccentric Cooney Island features. On the other hand, the New York Historical Society is celebrating the pioneers of internet and digital engineers of the gone days. Even in the severe cold, the style set is still impeccable which can be seen at the wardrobe of Countess Jacqueline de Ribes displayed at the Met, not to mention the Jackson Pollock and Yoko One shows which add further flair to the whole celebrity environment. There is a lot happening in the contemporary art scene of New York, few of which are highlighted below:

Through February 21 2016 :
Jacqueline de Ribes: The Art of Style at the Met Museum Costume Institute
This show displays the epitome of style and glory of the most fashionable people of the 20th century.60 most stunning ensembles from the collection of the countess are displayed which are dated as far as 1962. The designs are from Marc Jacobs, Dior and Yves saint Laurent and Valentino.

Through February 28 2016 :
Swedish Wooden Toys at the Bard Graduate Center Gallery
This exhibition displays the famous toys from all around Sweden from Brio Dachshund pull toy from the 1950 to Playsam Streamliner Rally from the 1980s. There are also many educational tools displayed at the exhibit such as the Mexican stacking toy that is known to improve the hand eye coordination and many other skis and sleds which are designed in such a way to minimize the cold effects.

Through March 13 2016 :
Jackson Pollock: A Survey at the Museum of Modern Art
This event will exhibits 50 precious works from the Pollock’s experiment in the late 1930s and 40s. The high point of the event is that Master piece One: Number 31, 1950, which made Pollock the master of the abstract expressionists, will also be on display as well.

Coney Island: Visions of an American Dreamland, 1861–2008 at the Brooklyn Museum
The artifacts displayed at this exhibits pay homage to the so called freak-show culture in an impactful manner. A certain aura of carnival air links the artifacts together and the collection of paintings and photographs end up taking on biblical proportions.

Through March 23 2016 :
Photo-Poetics: An Anthology at the Guggenheim Museum
This exhibition comprise of 70 different works which document a new movement in photography by taking a studio-based approach to display still life objects, conceptual reference points and many printed items such as books, record covers etc. 10 emerging artist that are showcasing in this exhibition enhance the materiality of their photography with numerous printing techniques.


Through April 4 2016: 
Steve McCurry: India at the Rubin Museum of Art
In this exhibit, you will see discover India through the eyes of Steve McCurry who has collected some of the most stunning images of the country. The scenes captured are unlike any you might have seen on the National Geographic. Jodhpur, Taj Mahal, Holi, Rajasthan and Amritsar are some of the places and festivals which are displayed at the exhibit.

Picasso’s Sculptures At The Moma

Picasso Sculpture is one of the first and very unique exhibitions of Pablo Picasso’s work in the United States in almost half a century. This time Picasso Sculpture is a collection of Pablo Picasso’s most innovative and influential work, it is obviously, a three dimension exhibition as the name sculpture suggests. The exhibition started on September 14, 2015 and will end on February 7, 2016.

Pablo Picasso is a dedicated sculpture artist and throughout the course of his career he focused and devoted himself to sculpture. He used both the traditional and unconventional methods, techniques and materials in sculpture making. This exhibition is very special because sculpture making is something that Picasso did out of passion and this is something that had brought him joy as it occupied a uniquely personal and experimental status for him. Painting was something that Picasso was trained and educated to learn, they were a source of income whereas sculpture was a source of pleasure. With sculpture Picasso was ready to break all rules, the reason he approached this medium to express him and was unique because he had the freedom of a self-taught artist. Many of the sculptures in this collection are an evidence of his fondness for sculptures.

This exhibition depicts the artist’s whole life’s work on sculptures. The main focus is particularly on techniques, process and materials. This exhibition includes over a 100 sculpture of Picasso’s collection. Along with these there are also some highly selective works on paper as well as photographs which complement his work and focuses on advancing the understanding of the knowledge and part of sculpture making and how it influenced Picasso’s life and how Picasso revolutionized the history of sculpture by his lifelong wholehearted commitment to it which led to constant reinvention of sculpturing.

The exhibition is highly organized and is in the form of chapters. Each chapter corresponds to specific eras and periods during which Picasso dedicated him to sculpture. Each chapter is a breath of fresh air as in every period Picasso explored fresh strength and modern possibilities of this ancient form of art.
The turnout and reviews of the exhibition are overwhelming. The collection includes; She Goat, Bull, Guitar, Glass of Absinthe, Head of a Woman. Woman in the Garden gained a lot of popularity amongst the curators as well as public. This was made by Picasso between 1928-1930, this sculpture is welded-metal sculpture and has never been showcased in the United States.

There are many other sculptures in the collection as well. This is one of the most popular and talked about exhibition of 2015. It is very rare and amazing, seeing such wonderful works of art from an exemplary artist under one roof is just mind blowing. The techniques and the wide range of materials like bronze and wood to metal and plywood is just amazing. This exhibition offers much more than the normal exhibitions as it includes talks and drawing sessions, analysis of Pablo’s techniques and Materials, guided tours as well as assemblage workshops in which you can put together your own artwork.

This is a must visit this year and The Museum of Modern Art provides you this opportunity.