Picasso’s Sculptures At The Moma

Picasso Sculpture is one of the first and very unique exhibitions of Pablo Picasso’s work in the United States in almost half a century. This time Picasso Sculpture is a collection of Pablo Picasso’s most innovative and influential work, it is obviously, a three dimension exhibition as the name sculpture suggests. The exhibition started on September 14, 2015 and will end on February 7, 2016.

Pablo Picasso is a dedicated sculpture artist and throughout the course of his career he focused and devoted himself to sculpture. He used both the traditional and unconventional methods, techniques and materials in sculpture making. This exhibition is very special because sculpture making is something that Picasso did out of passion and this is something that had brought him joy as it occupied a uniquely personal and experimental status for him. Painting was something that Picasso was trained and educated to learn, they were a source of income whereas sculpture was a source of pleasure. With sculpture Picasso was ready to break all rules, the reason he approached this medium to express him and was unique because he had the freedom of a self-taught artist. Many of the sculptures in this collection are an evidence of his fondness for sculptures.

This exhibition depicts the artist’s whole life’s work on sculptures. The main focus is particularly on techniques, process and materials. This exhibition includes over a 100 sculpture of Picasso’s collection. Along with these there are also some highly selective works on paper as well as photographs which complement his work and focuses on advancing the understanding of the knowledge and part of sculpture making and how it influenced Picasso’s life and how Picasso revolutionized the history of sculpture by his lifelong wholehearted commitment to it which led to constant reinvention of sculpturing.

The exhibition is highly organized and is in the form of chapters. Each chapter corresponds to specific eras and periods during which Picasso dedicated him to sculpture. Each chapter is a breath of fresh air as in every period Picasso explored fresh strength and modern possibilities of this ancient form of art.
The turnout and reviews of the exhibition are overwhelming. The collection includes; She Goat, Bull, Guitar, Glass of Absinthe, Head of a Woman. Woman in the Garden gained a lot of popularity amongst the curators as well as public. This was made by Picasso between 1928-1930, this sculpture is welded-metal sculpture and has never been showcased in the United States.

There are many other sculptures in the collection as well. This is one of the most popular and talked about exhibition of 2015. It is very rare and amazing, seeing such wonderful works of art from an exemplary artist under one roof is just mind blowing. The techniques and the wide range of materials like bronze and wood to metal and plywood is just amazing. This exhibition offers much more than the normal exhibitions as it includes talks and drawing sessions, analysis of Pablo’s techniques and Materials, guided tours as well as assemblage workshops in which you can put together your own artwork.

This is a must visit this year and The Museum of Modern Art provides you this opportunity.


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