Art Galleries in NYC : Our picks

New York is a diverse city, rich in varying cultures and traditions accumulated from all around the globe. The city has art both old and modern. Here we have highlighted the six best contemporary art galleries of New York based on their collections, exposure provided to aspiring artists, their contribution to the art community and their various offerings.

Contemporary African Art Gallery
This special gallery has been representing the African contemporary art in New York over the last 20 years. Approximately 30 artists are represented here at all times. Art enthusiasts from around the world visit this gallery because it showcases the authentic contemporary African culture in the heart of New York, a city of diverse cultures.
Luhring Augustine Gallery
This gallery is an excellent place for diverse young artists because the main theme of the gallery is the representation of international group of contemporary artists whose fields vary from sculpture to photography to painting etc. This gallery is also known to be specialized in the resale of high profile paintings from renowned artists such as Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol and Jackson Pollock under great confidentiality and ethical practice. This gallery ranks second in Manhattan for maintaining large scale and long term projects.
• Museum of Modern Art
This is amongst the city’s most high-profile places. While actually not a museum, this place is great for those who wish to browse through the showcase of art. The museum offers audio tours, special exhibits halls, a breathtaking sculpture garden and special assistance for the visually impaired people. It is a complete family place where you can also come in large group to explore the best contemporary art showcased in the best of places.
SOHO Gallery for Digital Art
If you want to see the display of the best contemporary digital art then this is the place to go. Located on the Sullivan Street, SOHO gallery is the hub for digital art collection. Apart from art displays, this gallery is also a community space where various comedy shows, music shows, film screenings, gaming, fashion shows and book reading sessions are organized all around the year. Thus SOHO gallery is the ideal place in New York if you are seeking surreal contemporary digital art along with a little bit of entertainment. Not to mention that it also is the stepping stone to greatness for all the great artists, shows and displays.

It is advised that you look up their website before your visit so you may know in advance as what to expect from the visit and hence make necessary arrangements.


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