Art Galleries Western Europe: Our Picks


Goteborg has become the centre of the contemporary art scene of Sweden since the foundation of Goteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art (GIBCA) in 2001 which became the largest event of its kind. This event showcased Goteborg as the hive of creativity and culture to which well-established artists from all around the world were attracted. Here is the roundup of the 10 best Contemporary Art galleries of Goteborg featuring a wide range of art from sculpture to graffiti.

Göteborgs Konsthall
Göteborgs Konsthall was built in 1923 for the Goteborg Exhibition, a world fair marking the city’s 300th anniversary. It is located at the centre of Goteborg right next to Goteborg Art Musuem. Many influential artists including Chintra Ganeshaand Idris Khan, from New York and Britain respectively have held successful art exhibitions here. This place also provides opportunity for young, emerging fine arts and photography students to showcase their work. Göteborgs Konsthall is a great venue for exploring and discovering the contemporary art scene of the Western Europe.

Galleri Thomassen
This gallery was started in 1990 and since then it has been quite famous for displaying the best of the contemporary art from Sweden, Berlin and Scandanavia. Tommy Hilding, Roger Metto and Dan Perin are among the many influential artists who have showcased their art at this gallery. Moreover this gallery also help and encourage aspiring artists by providing them a platform for exchange and a dedicated area for their exhibitions such as Lilla Galleriet.

Galleri 54
Galleri54 is an artist-run gallery which was founded in 1954 to campaign against the then conservative approach to art. Thus the gallery motto is to follow an open philosophy and provide excellent opportunity to young artists to show case their work without the usual constraints and commercial pressure. The gallery put a great focus on the promotion of innovative art form such as the 2014 The Seeds of Smoke exhibition in which artist Sven Drobnitza presented a new dimension and perspective to ordinary, day-to-day objects. An intresting feature of this gallery is the special outdoor exhibition known as Peepshow, which a mini window gallery displaying various exhibitions all around the year.

Hasselblad Centre
Hasselblad Centre is heaven for all photography enthusiasts. It is located in the Goteborg Museum of Art. The exhibits at this centre include the works by winners of the Annual Hasselblad Foundation’s awards for established photographers including Lennart Nilsson, William Eggleston and Paul Graham. The Hasselblad Centre also organizes an annual exhibition for young artists which is called New Nordic Photography which is a platform for the aspiring artist to showcase their work and enter the Young Photographer of the Year award.

Urban Artroom
This was founded recently in 2011 by Victor Bhyr, a prominent street artist. Urban art room is considered world’s top galleries for urban art and provides a platform for street artists from around the world. The innovative approach taken by this gallery extends to their website where artists are given exposure and a chance to sell their work online.


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