In the USA: Before the season ends Stop by these NYC Galleries

Okay, the season is winding down, and Manhattan is a place rich in art of all forms from paintings, sculptures to photography and digital printing. You will find many interesting art galleries sprawled all over the city in small nook and corners that will fill you with inspiration with their stunning art collection. Depending on the gallery’s hours and yearly schedule, try to get to them before they shut their doors for the summer.

David Zwirner Gallery
Zwirner is considered one of the most influential players in the global art scene and has represented famous artists such as Lisa Yuskavage, Christpher Williams and Dan Flavin. Zwirner entered the New York art world in 1993 during the SOHO era. Since then he has expanded to many successful art location including Chelsea and London. His contempary art installations attract art enthusiasts from around the world. He is widely famous for his renovated buildings and the aura of grandeur they emanate. Zwirner is also the supporter of young artists and has taken various steps to support and nurture their talent.

Paula Cooper Gallery
If you want to witness the engaging and awe-inspiring exhibits by contemporary powerhouses then you must pay a visit to this gallery. Since its opening in 1968, this gallery has organized successful art shows and exhibits featuring various minimalist art pioneers such as David Flavin, Donald Judd and Carl Andre. Due to her groundbreaking shows and displays that signified the shift towards the conceptual and minimalist art that defined the 1970, Paula was titled as the trailblazer in the New York art scene. Her recent exhibits showcased the works of renowned artists such as Mark di Suvero, Rudolf Stingel and Sopie Calle.

Gagosian Gallery
Larry Gagosian is no doubt considered one of the most prominent art dealers of our time. He opened his first art space in 1985 and with the help of his co-owner Leo Castelli, transformed the SOHO art scene. Gagosian has represented many influential post-war and contemporary artists including Yayoi Kusama and Jeff Koons. Gagosian has expanded his space both nationally and internationally, having five galleries in New York and nine international spaces. For his unique and immaculate collection and a keen eye for artistic talent, Gagosian is famously known as the mega dealer of the global contemporary art market. click here

Gladstone Gallery
This Gallery is owned by none other than the renowned veteran artist Barbara Gladstone. Barbara has helped establish the SOHO art scene in its initial years and has now moved to Chelsea where she occupies two spaces for her exhibits. She was also the pioneer of the famous contemporary artists Sarah Lucas and Shirin Neshat and supported avant-garde film-maker Matthew Barney. Her exhibits draw crowds in large numbers because of her ability to track trends at an early stage which has earned her many positive reviews by the art enthusiasts.