Art Places Paris, france: Our Picks

Paris is the home to art connoisseurs. Paris streets abound with inspiration and the city is filled with both big and small art galleries housing stunning collections by established and new artists. We have listed down some of the lesser known but equally beautiful art galleries in Paris. Swing by them on your next visit to have an aesthetic Parisian art experience.

Musée d’Orsay
This spectacular gallery was transformed from a train station. It mostly represents impressionist and post-impressionist art pieces on the top floor, all set and styled at a unique perspective. The floor below is dedicated to realists and symbolists. You can also admire the view from the Café de l’Horloge while enjoying a cup of hot coffee. If you want to avoid the long-standing queues, consider buying tickets ahead. This will greatly save your time.

Musée du Quai Branly
If you are fan of quirky art then this gallery is a must-visit. Jean Nouvel has showcased a collection of unique non-western tribal art. You will also find magnificent sculptures, fine jewelry, textiles, ritual objects and musical instruments from around the world. The placement and setting is by continent for easy navigation. There is a tiny café on the roof. Buy the tickets ahead of time either online or from the counter in the ticket office to avoid the inconvenience of long queues.

Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris
This gallery mixes the collection of famous artists such as Delaunays and Fautrier with the contemporary art pieces from around the world. Some space is also given to art deco furniture and artists ceramics. Temporary exhibitions by new artists are also organized in this gallery for which you have to book in advance.

Musée Maillol
This gallery mainly features the work of the 20th century sculptor Aristide Maillol whose sculptors are displayed around the paneled rooms of a dazzling rococo mansion. There are other paintings and art works by Matisee, Dadaist objects, naïve art and Russian art. The museum is also known for its temporary art exhibitions which range from contemporary to antiquities. The exceptional displays at these exhibitions have earned this gallery quite a reputation among the art zealots around the world.
Grand Palais
The north wing of this extravagant museum is used for prestigious art exhibitions. The Franklin de Roosevelt wing contains the Palais de la Découverte science museum. The most awe-struck feature of this museum is the glass-roofed Grand Nave with its intricate metal work which provides a dramatic view for all the events from art fairs to fashion parades. We recommend you advance book your ticket.

This is the roundup of the most striking and highly recommended art museums located in Paris. These are ideal for anyone wishing to enjoy the Parisian aesthetics in the truest form.


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